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We love logistics, and we are all about improving the processes in our customers' supply chain. 

We are former warehouse employees, business analysts, software coders, testers, jack of all trades, and hard workers. In our spare time, we are musicians, construction workers, moms, dads, writers, travellers, comedians, and adventurers. Because of this blend of people, we have a unique perspective on logistical processes in any warehouse.

Our focus is the implementation of Blue Yonder WMS (the best WMS in the galaxy in our humble opinion). Would you like to learn more about Starware? Click on the button below!

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Academy Trainee


  • Complete internal training material as well as Blue Yonder bootcamps

  • Make use of additional learning resources depending on the individual need

  • Building up a network within Starware

  • Prepare for the accreditation as Functional WMS Consultant from Blue Yonder

  • Get involved in creating new learning materials for the academy

  • Help other colleagues during their onboarding

  • Get involved in first change requests in implementation projects

Academy Trainee

academy trainee

Have you studied in the area of informatics or logistics? Perfect! As a Starware Academy Trainee, you can combine IT and logistics and build up the knowledge for a career as a (Junior) WMS Consultant within Starware.

Starware is an official Blue Yonder Implementation and Reselling partner, and they are our Warehouse Management System (WMS) software provider of choice.


Gouda, Venlo &  Remote.


6 months with the intention of giving you an indefinite contract afterwards.

Starting date



We select a handful of academy trainees each year. Do you want to apply? Please fill in the short form through the "Apply now!" button below.

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Academy Trainee


  • Bachelor or Master degree in a field related to business (logistics and Supply Chain Management) or IT/informatics

  • Professional proficiency in English

  • First contact with logistics through internships or hands-on work in a warehouse

  • Some knowledge about databases and reporting tools or interest to learn

  • First experience with or interest in learning object oriented programming or web development

  • Being a team player and also able to work independently.

  • Solution-oriented workstyle

  • Profound communication and analytical skills

  • Nice to have: Dutch, German, French and/or Spanish language skills.

some of

our values

Academy Trainee

Career Growth

To provide you with a simple and transparent career growth path at Starware, we have developed an internal structure.

During the first months of your journey with Starware as an Academy Trainee, you aim to form a good base knowledge by learning about our processes, clients and products, and specifically the Blue Yonder WMS. 

Once you have a solid knowledge of the Blue Yonder WMS and several years of experience in analysis, configuration, development, testing & documenting, you can grow into an advanced WMS Consultant, and later on, specialise in one of the areas.

Unfold the items to read more about each level.

remote work?

At Starware, we encourage remote work. We are, of course, always happy to have you in one of our offices across the Globe: Netherlands (Gouda & Venlo), Germany (Hamburg), Australia (Melbourne), and Canada (Montreal & Toronto).

We also organise bi-yearly events where we gather all Starware employees, so you have the chance to interact with everybody, even if you work mostly remotely.

These events are quite special, and most of the time, a surprise. 😉

We like to say: "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!"


At Starware, you will find the casual and warm atmosphere of a family-owned business paired with benefits that go above and beyond. Also, we know that our employees are the heart of our company and aim to make it easy for you to balance your job with your private life and to keep growing professionally. That's why we give you trust from day one and the freedom to organise your workday in the way that works best for you.


    Earn a top salary for the matched role and experience; join the Starware profit-sharing plan from day one & enjoy 31 days of holiday. Not to mention pensions are fully paid by the company for employees based in The Netherlands.


    We give you the freedom to work when and where you want.
    Yes, you read that right!
    Do you prefer to work from a local coffee bar, avoid rush hour, or have some time at home with the kids during the day? No problem! (as long as you generally meet your contract hours and it works out for your team and customers).

  • Latest Technology

    Work with the latest version of the Blue Yonder WMS, newest automation and robotics technologies in the warehouses, and advanced Machine Learning and AI that are entering the WMS space. Plus, build software using the latest Microsoft Stack and frameworks & tools like MS DevOps, Git, Angular & Azure.


    Our CEOs are total Apple fanboys, so you’ll be sure to work with the latest Apple equipment. Plus, you'll get to enjoy the advanced engineering designed furniture at our main office in Gouda, and of course, pick the car (within budget) that you like the most.

  • Travel Compensation

    We got you covered! Choose between a lease car and a travel compensation that is paid on top of your salary.

  • Awesome Colleagues

    Starware started as a company run by family & friends. This has brought a casual atmosphere to the company that is hard to find somewhere else. And so it is our goal to keep that vibe for as long as we will exist.

  • Diversity

    Starware is open to all and we enjoy the diversity of our team. What binds us is that we all want to do good work, our drive to keep improving, have a good sense of humor, and our ability to put things into perspective.


    Every event we join or organise, we try to do something special, whether it's a trade-show, conference, or own event.
    For instance, twice a year we organise the Starware days, in which we invite all colleagues to join in a mix of work & social activities. These events have become quite legendary.
    Don’t believe us? We have the pictures to back it up. 😉

  • Development Opportunities

    Work in a self-steering, motivated, and skilled team, and have the freedom to decide your own career path. So, instead of growing towards the inevitable managerial role, there is also a lot of room to grow your technical skills and keep doing what you love to do. You'll also have a budget to study whatever you want.

  • Free coffee and snacks

    In every office, you can help yourself to free coffee. In our biggest office, the headquarter in Gouda, we additionally take care of your lunch. Our chef Frank prepares a meal every day that you can enjoy with your teammates.

Too good to be true?

Don't take our word for it! 😜 Feel free to contact our people on LinkedIn if you have any question about the culture at Starware or related topic.


Team Lead Starware Academy
Since 2011


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Since 2021


Academy Trainee
Since 2021

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